How to transfer your Embroidery Pattern on to Fabric (without a lightbox)

embroidery pattern transfer tutorial 1

Step 1

Cut out your printed pattern and your fabric. Hoop your fabric as normal and place your pattern face down on the hooped fabric, tape the edges of the paper down onto the fabric to stop it from moving around. Its such a pain when you’re trying to trace a pattern the pattern moves and you have to line it all up again, so make sure its nice and secure!


embroidery pattern transfer tutorial 2.jpg

Step 2

It doesn’t have to be a sunny day (but it helps) take your hoop and your taped pattern and hold it up to a window, you will be tracing the pattern to the inside of the hooped fabric but that’s ok because we will switch it around later. I tend to use a water soluble fabric pen which I can rinse out after I’ve finished my embroidery or if I make any mistakes – which is what I’m using here. Hopefully you can see the pattern taped to the fabric clearly and you’re able to trace the design.

embroidery pattern transfer tutorial 3

Step 3

Ta Da! You’ve finished tracing the pattern and hopefully you’re happy with the result


Embroidery pattern transfer to fabric tutorial

Step 4 

Take away the pattern which you had taped to the back and take the fabric out of the hoop. Turn it around and pop it back in your hoop the right way around and secure it tightly so its like the surface of a drum. Great now you’re ready to get stitching!

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Author: georgiekembroidery

30 year old embroidery enthusiast living in Gloucestershire, UK.

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