My first Post

I have always been in awe of other who have the time, dedication and creativity to write a blog.. and maintain their consistency in their content updates. I figured since I have started embroidering and setting up my own Instagram account solely to share my designs I thought, if I, Georgie Kate Emery can do that, then why not try something else I never thought I would a blog!

So TA DA… I’m now wondering what I’m going to fill all this blank spac

e with.. and who on earth is going to be interested? But, this is no different to my fears before starting my little embroidery page, so I’m just going to see where we end up.

My ideas for this blog is to explain the background behind my pieces and when I can find the time (when I’m not sitting at my desk during my day job and I’m not sitting on my sofa busily embroidering during ‘my night job’) hopefully get some tutorials and processes on here for you lovely lot.

I have included a favorite little piece of mine, the ‘a Paisley Butterfly’ to kick things off. If you have any questions about this piece please feel free to contact me.